Benjamin Hicks Metcalf (1871-1935)

Ben Hicks Metcalf was born on January 15, 1871, in Meadville, Pennsylvania to Herbert and Annie Hicks Metcalf.  In 1892, after completing his studies at Allegheny College, he enrolled in the Harvard Medical School, graduating in 1894.  During his time at Harvard he was living in Roslindale, where he presumably made the acquaintance of Maude Fossett, who was attending the Charles Sumner School there.  For two years after that he was physician to the Port of Boston.

On January 6th, 1897 he married Maude and moved to Winthrop, MA. They had two children, Richard (b.1898) and Caroline (later Carolyn, b.1900), during their marriage.  In 1906 he founded the Metcalf Hospital and ran it until poor health forced him to move to warmer climes, first Arizona, then Florida.

Dr. Metcalf also served as a US Army surgeon from early in the century until his discharge in 1919.  In 1918 both he and his son shipped out to France.  Richard Metcalf was killed by German artillery fire in July 1918.  Dr. Metcalf was injured by poison gas, which contributed to his early retirement to the South.

The following is from an article by Nicola Clark of the New York Times, published November 10, 2014. (On Veterans Day, Tales of Heroism and Loss)

Dr. Metcalf died in Florida, in 1935, and was buried alongside his wife and son in the Winthrop town cemetery, where a sculpted bronze memorial to Richard now stands.